Ahoy from onboard Oceania Marina….

Our own John Lane is currently sailing onboard the Oceania Marina in the Mediterranean; the following is the latest in his ongoing series of blog posts:

Who Cares…..Oceania does!

I am three days into my cruise on the Oceania Marina and this is the way cruising is supposed to be. One word comes to my mind: Excellent…..Excellent caring, elegant, courteous service with a smile. Delicious food and exciting destinations add to the great experience at sea. It has so far been a truly unbelievable experience.

Jacques - onboard Oceania Marina

From high tea, to dining in Jacques. It is all about the little details from the little individual jars of jellies and preserves at breakfast to the ice cream guy who carefully made my chocolate shake and made sure it was a work of art. Add all the little touches up and you have one great experience on Oceania Cruises.

John Lane, MCC
Cruise Escapes

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