New Ship, New Chapter

Carnival Magic

Being in Dallas, we at Cruise Escapes obviously see a lot of cruise business sailing from nearby Galveston.  Sometimes, Galveston is even referred to as our ‘homeport’, or as being in our ‘front yard’.  When regularly scheduled cruises began from here about ten years ago, we saw nice, but certainly not brand new ships assigned to this port.  Business has steadily picked up and the ships calling Galveston ‘home’ have grown larger and even somewhat ‘newer’.  Now, Carnival Cruise Lines is about to step up the profile by placing their largest AND newest ship in Galveston as it’s homeport.  Beginning this Fall, the Carnival Magic will sail year-round on 7-night itineraries to the Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean.

Here’s the kicker, not only is the Magic Carnival’s newest, but reviews are calling her Carnival’s best!  Now who would have thought that our modest, little ‘ole port down in Galveston would grow to the point of commanding any cruise line’s largest, newest, or BEST ship?!  See what USA Today has to say: and be sure to click on their photo tour, too.

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