Specialty Dining 101 on the Oceania Marina

Our own John Lane recently returned from a Mediterranean cruise onboard Oceania Marina; his impressions and experiences continue……
Prior to sailing on the Oceania Marina, I pre-reserved my specialty dining times for my cruise.  The four dining options are Jacques, Polo Grill, Toscana, and Red Ginger.  All of these are complimentary to guests onboard Marina. 
When I made my reservations,  my group would dine in Jacques first, Toscana second, Polo Grill third, and last, but not least, Red Ginger.  Of the four, I was least excited about dining in Red Ginger.  Boy, was I wrong!  It was our last stop on the specialty dining evenings, but it was by far the best dining experience of the cruise.   
The total dining experience at Red Ginger made this my top dining experience onboard the Marina.  From being greeted at the door by the female maitre d’, to the personal attention by our table waiters.  Myself and table mates were always addressed by our name with each course. They made each one of us feel very special that evening.
Starting out with a choice of several chop sticks, I was the only one brave enough to try chop sticks.  We were given choice of teas and then our hot water came in our glass tea pot…I could see this was not going to be your typical meal in a chinese restauant.  We started with edamame, then a hot towel to clean our hands from the sea salt.  Next was my beef tenderloin salad with ginger, lime and spring vegetables…it could of been a meal in itself.  That was followed by coconut and chicken soup which was excellent, too.  But the crowning dish of this meal was the entree:  Sea Bass.  It was by far the best piece of fish I have ever had.  It had been marinated for eight hours in ginger, then seared and grilled to perfection just before serving. 
To end the meal I tried the exotic sherbet trio.  Mango, pineapple and coconut sherbet were served in bamboo cones stuffed with leaves…what a presentation and way to end this meal.  So

sherbet trio

Red Ginger's Sherbet Trio dessert

remember, if you think something is going to just be average and get excellent in return you will be one happy person!

John Lane, MCC
Personal Cruise Planner
Cruise Escapes

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