The Carnival Triumph returns

By John Lane 

Many people have wondered what the Carnival Triumph was like since it returned to sailing after the mishap earlier in the year.  Well, I can tell you from first hand experience.  

On August 3, I took my family of four on the Triumph for a five night cruise to Progresso and Cozumel.  I was pleased to find that all was back to normal on the Triumph.  Food and entertainment were at its best and the ship looked great.  I went looking to find something wrong but, I really could not find it.  All new carpeting, mattresses and linens and several new venues were added to the ship for the enjoyment of the passengers.

For a four or five night cruise this ship is great.  There are lots of people (2750+) which is one thing that I really don’t like but, the cruise experience was a good one and you can’t go wrong with the price, the ship or destination.  I will go into more detail on the new venues in future blogs.  So the Carnival Triumph is back and better than ever sailing from Galveston.  Give it a try.  Image

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