Smoke free verandas….by John Lane

ImageOne of the things that I love most about being on a cruise is sitting out on my veranda.  Whether it be eating breakfast or just sitting out there at any time of day or night just watching the world go by–I love it!  What does bother me is when I am enjoying the peace and quiet of my veranda and my neighbor decides to enjoy their veranda too and lights up a cigarette.  The smoke immediately clogs the air and the entire atmosphere is changed by the smell of their smoke.  My normal reaction is to leave the peace and quiet of my seaside sanctuary and retreat inside to my cabin.  Why should someone else’s actions determine how I use my cabin?  Well, more and more cruise lines are curtailing smoking on verandas too!  What’s your opinion of on board smoking?  Should it be limited to a few outdoor spaces on the upper decks and keep all cabins and verandas smoke free?  Let me know! 

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