The Grand Canal of Venice….by John Lane




One of the most exciting ports of call in the Mediterranean to sail into is Venice. Your ship slowly sails the Grand Canal of Venice, towering over the small restaurants, shops and hotels on each side.  The excitement builds as you glide by St. Mark’s Square, a true highlight of your cruise.  It brings an air of excitement among your fellow passengers that are all lined up along the ship’s railing.  This cruise experience will soon be coming to and end! 

 The Italian government announced that it will begin limiting ship traffic in the lagoon. That means 20 percent fewer ships in front of the Piazza San Marco (beginning in January), a complete ban on ships larger than 96,000 gross tons (starting next November). Although cruisers might be disappointed, this is a welcome move for the crumbling city of Venice.  So if you truly want to enjoy this experience before it goes away…summer and fall Mediterranean are available with Venice on the itinerary!  This is truly one of the most beautiful port to sail in and out of and don’t miss it! 




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