Which Do You Find More Exciting?

by Don McCann

Last month my wife and I were lucky enough to take a 7-night river cruise from Paris to the Normandy region with Avalon Waterways on the Seine River. Then we stayed in Paris for a week afterwards in an apartment where we’d stayed twice before.

Before the trip, I was quite excited and then I started to wonder which was more exciting: going to some place new, which had been of interest for many years, or returning to my favorite city? It was probably 50-50, but it got me to thinking about our clients and their perspectives on travel. So when it comes to your next trip, which is more exciting for you: A new destination, or returning to a favorite place from a past trip?

I’m going to blog about some of the individual ports on our cruise in upcoming posts, but reply to this one and let us know – which scenario is more exciting for you?…..

Seine vs Paris


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4 responses to “Which Do You Find More Exciting?

  1. Regina Casaday

    Some place new – enjoy same ships but new destinations.

  2. Nina Hall

    I enjoy new places but have to admit that I would like to go back to some of the cities such as Budapest and the smaller towns in Germany.

  3. I enjoy discovering new places and trying out different cruise lines, depending on their itineraries. That being said, I like revisiting favorite cities and countries and doing more off-the-beaten-path types of activities while there. So often we try to cram everything in and take as many pictures as possible without truly experiencing what makes the place so magical. Need to stop and smell the roses more in favorite places!

  4. I enjoy visiting new places and trying out new cruise lines depending on their itineraries. That being said, I also like to revisit favorite cities or countries, but looking for more of the off-the-beaten-path experiences. Since my husband and I tend to cram as much as possible into our sightseeing, taking way too many pictures as we go, we sometimes fail to truly experience what makes a place so magical or special. Revisiting allows us to “stop and smell the roses.”

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