A Bucket List Item Fulfilled?

by Don McCann

Having grown up in Florida, in the 60s, I practiced ‘ducking under the desk drills’ in second grade during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I watched I Love Lucy reruns with Lucy & Ricky flying off to Cuba to visit his family and roll cigars.  I heard stories from a family friend about people they knew who loved Cuba in the 50s with barrels of rum on the sidewalk and street parties almost every night.  In the late 60s I saw on the TV news that a few airline flights got hijacked to Cuba.  Later, as an adult in the cruise industry, I cruised off the coast of Cuba, close enough to see it in the distance, as we sailed off to other Caribbean destinations.

Cuba has always been a fascination and someplace of which I dreamed of visiting.

On Monday, my wife & I are sailing with some friends on Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas for a cruise to spend a day & a half in HAVANA!  I’m very excited to finally visit this most interesting destination and I plan to write more next week and post some photos, so check back soon….

Royal Caribbean Cuba photo

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