Let’s Share

During this time, when many of us are ‘sheltered in place’, we were thinking that it might be enjoyable if we share some of our travel photos.  Since travel is not really possible for the moment, we can still enjoy the images of places we’ve yet to experience, or maybe we can be reminded of a great visit from the past.

So we’d like to ask that whoever is interested that you send us some photos to share.  We can then send out other posts from here and on our Facebook page to share the ones we receive.  If you’d like the photo credit, then we’ll just use your first name and last initial (i.e. Don M.).  Depending of how many we can gather, we’ll send a few at time, either at random, or maybe grouped by general destination.

Please email your photos to info@CruiseEscapes.com

To get things started, here are just a few we have on hand now….

CE Share Tuscany

The Hills of Tuscany

CE Share San Diego

Sunset in San Diego

CE Share Musee d'Orsay

The Louvre, as seen from inside Musee d’Orsay in Paris

CE Share Lima

Lima, Peru

CE Share Hermitage

The Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia

CE Share Durnstein

Durnstein, Austria

CE Share CEL Edge

The Celebrity Edge

CE Share Buenos Aires

A very cloudy day in Buenos Aires, Argentina

CE Share Caribbean

The Sunny Caribbean!

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