Shared Videos #1

For the last couple of months, we’ve enjoyed sharing photos from our clients with great shots from around the world.  Now, we thought it might be fun to switch and share come videos, instead of stills.  Several cruise lines have very nicely produced videos featuring destinations, ships and points of interest from various locations.  We find most to be not that of a ‘commercial’, or a ‘hard sell’, but rather very informative and enjoyable.

Today, the first in our series is a two & a half minute video from Viking Cruises with their new Mississippi itinerary coming in 2022.

click here to view:

Viking TV Americas Heartland

Viking Mississippi ship

Viking has a full library of online videos; click here if you care to view more.






It’s not too late to send your photos, if you have not done so already; we’d love to add

them to our upcoming posts!  If so, please email to and include

the location where each photo was taken.

More will follow soon; watch for our next post !


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