Cruise Escapes Update

August 13, 2020

We hope this update finds you and your family all well and staying safe.

Five months ago today was our last day in the office before we began working from home, due to the Covid outbreak.  At this point, we are unsure exactly when we will return to the office for regular hours, but we just wanted to remind you that we remain available to you in the meantime via email, or by leaving a voicemail on our office number.

As for when we expect cruises to resume, well that remains a very good question!  The cruise lines association, CLIA, and the CDC are in the process of determining what protocols will be necessary to provide a safe and enjoyable travel experience.  Then there is also the issue of immigration and what restrictions may be in place from individual countries within a given cruise itinerary.  So while we are somewhat skeptical about any cruises resuming in 2020, we remain optimistic about departures into 2021.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the day when our normal office hours can resume.  In the meantime, we are just an email, or voicemail away!

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