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Nothing Quite Like It

by Don McCann

“Back in the day”, I used to tell a potential cruise client that when the ship slipped away from the pier and you began to sail away from the shore that you could feel a sense of relaxation washing over you by leaving “the real world” behind (meaning that you did not have your phone, pager, TV, or daily communication options with you and it was freeing & relaxing).  Well today we all have our cell phones with us when we travel, along with maybe a laptop, tablet, or whatever it takes to by golly keep in touch at all times. That may be the case, but as we left the pier Sunday night it seemed perfectly obvious to me that this is a magical time, as the shore becomes more and more distant from the deck of your ship.  It is like no other and even the presence of all those electronic devices cannot spoil it after all! There is nothing like the wonderful experience of being on a cruise ship, at the very beginning of your voyage, even when (like us) you are going nowhere, but out to sea for a test drive!


A look down from the SeaWalk on Deck 16

The Royal Princess is a stunning and beautiful ship and I’m excited to share some photos with you.  However the wi-fi connection onboard was sporadic and too slow for that to be possible. This brief post will have to do for now, but look for more on my feedback and photos later this week!

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October 30, 2013 · 8:00 pm

Carnival Triumph – What’s In Store

by John Lane

Everyone has heard about the mishap on the Carnival Triumph earlier in the year.  Carnival took the ship out of service for 12 weeks to fix the problems with the engines and revitalize the ship.  With that in mind, I am going to take my family to check it out and see if the ship is up to standards.  Carnival has added some of their Carnival 2.0 options such as Guy’s Burger Joint.  This one I am most excited about.  Named after Guy Fieri of the Food Network this outdoor eatery offers his signature hamburgers made to order along with his homemade fries.  No more burgers sitting in steam trays waiting for you to slap it on your bun.  I will let you no if this eatery is worth the wait!  I plan to do a full detailed review when I get back.  Hope I have FUN!


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July 24, 2013 · 2:35 pm

What a surprise!

ImageI was thinking about all the places and attractions that I have visited and there is one that really surprised me.  It was the Sistine Chapel in Rome.  I envisioned  something completely different…larger.  What I discovered was that it was just this rectangular room with a half barrel ceiling.  When I entered the “room” it was wall to wall people.  A pickpockets delight!  We were shoulder to shoulder and even though I was with a  “small group tour” of the Vatican we were still very crowded looking up at the frescos on the ceiling  painted by Michelangelo.  So the question is…”how much research should you do before your trip” or just be surprised like I was.  I guess I like a little suspense in my trip and would rather be surprised.  What about you?

by John Lane

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June 20, 2013 · 2:47 pm

You can travel lite—I did!

by John Lane

OK, I did it! When I was planning for my packed luggagetrip to France,
I was trying to decide what to take and what luggage to use. With today’s restrictions from the airlines on luggage you really have to plan ahead.

I am going to France for 8 days and my business partners said no problem. “Just take a carry on”. I said “for 8 days?” You can do it, I was told. Could I really pack for an 8 day trip to France with just a carry on and a backpack… Well guess what I did! I will breeze through customs in France not having to wait for my bag!  

No more lugging a large suitcase! Au-revoir!

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April 16, 2013 · 3:40 am